About Newswise

About Newswise

Newswise is where journalists choose, connect,and use smart news.

A free newswire for journalists.  A press release distribution service for public relations professionals.  A news site for the intellectually curious. Newswise means different things to different people, and each group participates in different ways.

  • Journalists

Journalists can find embargoed research news, expert sources, and feature ideas to help them do their jobs. Learn more about Services for Journalists

  • Public relations professionals

Public relations professionals post and distribute their news releases, reaching thousands of users through the Newswise website and email wires.

  • Public subscribers

Public subscribers can share articles in social media platforms and start discussions in the comment sections. Learn more about Services for Public Users

How to Participate

Register as a journalist, a media relations professional, or a public user, and select your preferred wire subscription. Newswise Wires are available daily, or semi-weekly.

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Who Uses Newswise?

Newswise members are innovative, influential organizations world-wide, including top medical schools, universities, research institutions, public relations firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations, associations and advocacy groups.

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Newswise Is Quality News

The majority of news releases posted to Newswise include embargoed research results, feature stories, and expert pitches. Newswise members may also contribute announcements, press conference notices, product news and announcements, and up-front media pitches. Each Newswise article is categorized into Medical, Science, Life, or Business News, and is delivered to more than 20,000 subscribers through the Newswise Wires. Each news release is also permanently archived on the website.

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