Newswise Commenting Policy

The Newswise commenting feature is intended to foster civil, intelligent, on-topic, friendly conversation and respectful debate about Newswise content. In order to ensure a positive commenting atmosphere, all comments on Newswise.com must meet the requirements of the following Newswise commenting policy, and all decisions about the application and enforcement of these terms are at the sole discretion of Newswise staff. Abusive, defamatory, combative, profane, libelous, off-topic, and otherwise inappropriate comments will be subject to deletion. Users that commit repeat violations of these terms may be banned from commenting. Furthermore, other patterns of abuse such as trolling, persistent incivility, stalking, impersonating or misrepresenting an identity, spam, linking to inappropriate content, or engaging in any other form of harassment, intimidation, threatening language, and any and all illegal activities are prohibited. Any user with concerns or complaints about a particular comment or commentor may flag such comments as they find offensive for possible moderation by Newswise.  Comments may or may not be displayed online for public viewing, regardless of whether or not they adhere to the parameters of this commenting policy and Newswise makes no guarantee regarding the review of any comment or the posting of said comment for public viewing.  Spam links or obvious self-promotion, as interpreted solely by Newswise, may be grounds for comment moderation.  Comments may be used by Newswise in any capacity for all time throughout all known and unknown universes.  By submitting a comment you agree to these conditions and waive any and all rights and transfer total ownership to Newswise of the content of the comments submitted, including exclusive and limitless power to the use and disclosure of such content as well as any personal information provided in said comments.  By commenting, you agree to release Newswise of any and all liability, legal or otherwise and waive all rights to mediation, litigation, or any and all recourse through the justice system, either criminal or civil, in all jurisdictions for all perpetuity and without end.  Additions, subtractions, amendments, or addendums to this policy may be made by Newswise at any time, with or without notice, and the interpretation and the application of this policy by Newswise is final. 

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